The Most Popular Paint Colors You Can Use to Make Your Home Stand Out



When it comes to considering new trends in interior decoration, we can’t ignore the importance of paint colors. The following are some of the most well-known colors and trends that interior design experts would recommend this year:


  • Chinoiserie Red combined with hues of white and bright gray can give your home a lively yet relaxed appearance. With strongly contrasting designs that, however, feature gentle transitions and rounded elements reminiscent of a more traditional appeal, you can have a clean, modern design that everyone can enjoy.
  • Compatible Cream is a stunning choice if you want to get that oriental or Persian look that makes high value homes stand out. Sunny, relaxing and extremely flexible when it comes to blending it with anything from white and green to dark brown, this is one paint color you won’t regret adding to your home.
  • Lavender Mist is another new trend that you can’t beat. The appeal of lavender and its combination with darker and lighter hues of violet, as well as white and black surfaces, can make your room stand out as stylish and mysterious.
  • Salmon Peach set against high contrast green elements in the bedroom or study will turn your home into a brighter, more upbeat environment. Varying palettes can also be used to add a more retro or natural appearance to the room.


There are, of course, many more paint colors you can consider, visit an exclusive discount cabinets Denver area retailer to get some ideas on some colorful kitchens to see what suits you best.  However, when it comes to the newest and most exciting trends adopted this year, these are some of the most commonly recommended paint colors you will find.