3 Modern Designs to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

Denver countertops

There are many design solutions for a modern kitchen space. If you want your kitchen remodel project to go fast and smoothly, you should take into account some design tips.

  • Clean lines, clear edges and striking neutral tones give a kitchen its definitive modern look. To achieve this sharp and elegant look, choose cabinets with square corners, appliances with angular edges, and design accents, such as pending lighting fixtures and bar stools with straight lines.
  • An open and uncrowded aspect is the essence of a modern kitchen. Open shelves can be extended under the top cabinets to keep everyday dishes tidy and handy. The island may have a functional vegetable shredder that fits perfectly with the marble countertop. Light-reflecting glass backsplash is stylish, uniform and elegant, optically increasing the room.
  • Materials play an important role in determining the style of a modern kitchen. Elegant and with clean lines does not necessarily mean boring. A variety of materials, all in a contemporary and beautiful color palette, will provide a modern, attractive and interesting aspect. Dark mahogany cabinets and stainless steel appliances can be mixed with marble Denver countertops, a bright white-painted island and glass-plate backsplashes – all these will make for a gorgeous modern kitchen.