5 Tips for Great Kitchen Shelving Makeover

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When it comes to the kitchen, replacing old furniture may be one of the first solutions to think about when you want to refresh its appearance. But what do you do when the costs for new furniture exceed your budget? On the other hand, did you ever think that maybe the starting point for a new and original decor could be that old shelving you have?

Here are a few tips for great kitchen shelving makeover.

  1. Use adhesive foils for furniture

Kitchen shelving can get a new look if you use suitable waterproof adhesive foils for furniture. You can find lots of designs.

  1. Use pieces of wallpaper

Wallpapers come in various beautiful patterns and textures, being suitable for your kitchen shelving makeover project.

  1. Use paint

A coat of fresh paint can bring worn-out wooden or metal shelves back to life. You can completely change the original color and even get special effects with the help of special paints or antique varnishes.

  1. Use the decoupage technique

If you like Shabby Chic decors or those inspired by the beautiful French region of Provence, you might also like the idea of ​​renewing your kitchen shelving using the decoupage technique.

  1. Re-accessorize

Discount cabinets Denver distributors tell us that kitchen shelving accessories such as pulls, bar racks etc. can do a good job when it comes to refreshing and refurbishing old furniture.