A Look at the 3 Most Practical and Appealing Countertop Materials on the Market

Do you want to get the best countertops for a busy kitchen but still have your kitchen area look stunning from all angles? The following are three of the best countertop materials you can consider in terms of aesthetic appearance, overall resilience and price.


  1. Polished Granite


Polished Denver granite countertops remain one of the best types of materials you can consider, even though it has one of the most affordable pricing ranges when compared to its competitors. Granite is a natural material, and the patterns you get are always completely unique, so it definitely looks great. Moreover, its traditional appearance can add high class appeal to any kitchen.


  1. Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tile is generally applied over plastic laminate countertops or a plywood substrate. The prices for the materials themselves are usually much lower than the cost required for most types of countertops, and depending on the complexity of the installation, you won’t have to pay so much. Ceramic tile isn’t as durable and low maintenance as other choices, but its aesthetic appeal and lower price range is definitely a huge plus.


  1. Wood


The unique appearance of wood is also made durable through the use of high density materials such as rock maple. Other choices also include teak, cherry, oak and walnut. Wooden countertops can be extremely beautiful if properly maintained, and they are always an inspired choice for homeowners who enjoy making their kitchens appear completely unique.