A Look at the Main Issues of Kitchen Remodeling: Can Cabinets Be Painted?

When you don’t have the funds to completely renovate your kitchen, repainting your cabinets is the next best thing you can consider. Even though it’s not a perfect solution, experts will agree that there are methods of painting old cabinets to actually make them look brand new.

Of course, before deciding to paint your older cabinets, it’s important to examine them. Are they still in good order? Do they have a bad odor? Maybe they were already damaged by rot and mold. If that’s the case, then it might be best to start looking for discounted replacements at http://buyandbuild.net/. However, if they don’t look too bad, and the only problem is a little discoloration and a few dents and cuts, then you’re good to go.

 painted cabinets

To get started, it’s important to be prepared first and to make sure you have at least a long holiday weekend at your disposal. The job will take even longer if you have a larger kitchen and lots of countertops and cabinets to keep track of. Also, you should plan in advance that you’ll have to pay at least $200 to $500 on supplies.

Before starting the paint job, you have to empty the cabinets, remove everything in them, and cover the floors with old newspapers to make sure your floor doesn’t stain. Cleaning the wood before doing the paint job is equally important, as is establishing your painting and drying space. The drying space will require good access to fresh air or ventilation, so plan ahead so that you won’t have to relocate the cabinets after completing the work.