Are Soft-Close Cabinets a Good Idea?

“Soft-close” is a hot topic in the furniture industry and applies to various accessories: drawer guides, hinges etc.

Soft-close Denver cabinets are a great idea for your home, as the soft-close feature transforms their daily operation, making it smooth and quiet. The technology behind it is not complicated, but very smart. Hinges have built-in hydraulics and, when you start to close the cabinet`s door, they take over and pull the door slowly, preventing a quick and hard closure.

Soft-close is often mistaken with self-close, although self-close hinges do not have hydraulics built into them but only a spring that closes the door with a tap.

 soft close Denver cabinets

Soft-close cabinets have a few significant advantages.

First, they are silent. Nobody will wake the entire family anymore, by banging cabinets. By incorporating soft-close hinges or slides into your cabinetry, you eliminate door slamming, which makes the residents in the house at least seem more considerate…

Soft-close Denver cabinets are also safer for kids. Considering that doors close slowly and progressively, pinched fingers will stop being a common occurrence. On the other hand, you will also be thankful that kids do not have doors to slam shut until their mechanism fails… Therefore, installing soft-close accessories for your cabinetry extends their lifespan.