Tips to Make Bathroom Remodeling Easy

A bathroom remodeling job isn’t just about finding a few good quality faucets and shower curtains and slapping them into place. Many experts will tell you, and will point out bathroom designs in bathroom showrooms to offer proof, that you have to look at your bathroom as a whole, with each part of it being like the piece of an elegant puzzle.

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Making your remodel easy is, of course, much more than that. It’s not just about design, but about practicality, and if you want to create the perfect blend between the two, you simply have to talk to a dependable contractor about your options. They will often tell you to buy sets of plumbing accessories, faucets and fixtures, and provide you with information on standard bathroom products that don’t require to be adapted to your installations. With those products, the process can be very easy, and you will still adhere to the vision of setting up your new bathroom as a completed puzzle.

Another important recommendation that candid bathroom renovation Denver designers will point out is that you have to consider tiles, flooring, bathroom vanities and other products designed both for practical purposes and appearance as fitting in a pattern and being adaptable to your home as well as to the environment. Humidity and the climate in your area, for example, should definitely weigh into your choice, since installing products that aren’t suited to the conditions in your area might mean that you’ll have to replace or repair them on a regular basis.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Style for Your Bathroom

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Not all people think about the importance of choosing a new cabinet style for the bathroom. However, you’ll find that the following points are very important to keep in mind if you want a stylish bathroom, and especially if you’re also thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future:

  1. Think of whether or not you want to get a complete bathroom remodel. The cabinet you purchase should fit the style of your bathroom, so if you get a complete remodel, you’ll have a lot more freedom to choose the style you want overall.
  2. Consider the amount of space you have. Smaller bathrooms will not only require cabinets that fit their size, but also cabinet designs that make you feel less claustrophobic when you take a shower or brush your teeth.
  3. Follow recent trends, especially if you plan to rent or sell the house any time soon. Modern trends for bathroom renovation Denver homes tend to attract wealthier tenants and buyers, and a lot of them will be more willing to pay top dollar to get an awesome looking, fashionable bathroom as part of the deal.
  4. Avoid spending too much for a unique or eccentric style. Some trends might be hot for a while, but they will still change eventually. Even if they don’t, choosing a style that’s too eccentric can make your cabinet look out of place, and it can also put off visitors and potential buyers.

What Are the Main Steps Involved with Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom remodeling seems simple enough at first glance, but it actually involves a lot of different steps and actions, each of which have their own pitfalls that the remodeling expert will need to avoid.

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When hiring a remodeling contractor, you should expect the following steps to unfold as they begin their work on renovating your bathroom:

  • The first step involves the planning process and getting everything ready. Taking the step to hire a bathroom remodel Denver expert, will make sure the renovation project goes much smoother, since they already know what to consider, how much the materials cost, what the workmanship would entail and how to go about avoiding the challenges that you’d normally face as an inexperienced homeowner tackling a DIY bathroom remodel.
  • Next is the process of demolishing your old bathroom. This step involves more than just tearing down tiles and removing the old bath tub. It also has to do with plumbing adjustments and the removal of faulty faucets, electric wiring and electric fixtures.
  • Finally, the replacement of all the plumbing and fixtures that are required, the wall covering and painting process, and any additional finishing work that might be needed will be the third step. Here you will likely be more closely involved in the process as you tell the bathroom remodeling experts about the appearance and atmosphere that you’re actually looking for.

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

With a little inspiration and minor investments, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, where you can clean your mind, not just your body.

Here are some Zen ideas from premier bathroom renovation Denver showrooms:

  • Create the perfect lighting

One of the first things that sets the mood in a bathroom is lighting. It doesn’t have to be too strong; it can become unpleasant to relax in the bathtub when you have three 100 watt bulbs above your head.

Install a dimmer switch so you can set the intensity according to your preferences or the time of day. Use light bulbs as close to natural light as possible and place candles in the room to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Bring nature to your bathroom

A Zen experience is not complete if you do not surround yourself with nature. Place a few flower pots on the bathroom cabinets, or even a larger plant in a corner. Also, if you have pebbles and shells hidden somewhere in the house,  collected during the last vacation spent by the sea, put them in a glass bowl and place them among soaps and body care products.

  • Don’t forget about aromatherapy

The smell is one of the senses that needs to be pampered, so another important element of a successful SPA experience is aromatherapy. Equip your bathroom with scented incense sticks, candles and essential oils. Always choose natural products.

How Long Do Toilets Last?

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Toilets, whether simple or fitted with lots of extra features, are fairly durable fixtures that can last for up to 50 years among average usage conditions. However, the actual lifespan of your toilet is determined by many factors – here are some:

  • The frequency of usage – the size of the household that uses the toilet will determine the frequency of usage and, with it, the durability of the toilet as well. The more people use the toilet, the shorter the lifespan of the fixture;
  • Maintenance – when we hear toilet maintenance, many people consider meticulous of the toilet bowl cleaning to be the only task involved. As a matter of fact, toilets consist of much more than the bowl – they come with a shut-off valve as well as a water tank that include components, such as the refill tube, the float, the flapper, all of them parts that need to be regularly inspected and replaced if necessary;
  • The extra features – many modern toilets today come with complex features, such as automatic flashing and lights. These fixtures usually work with complex electronics that can fail, rendering the toilet unusable or requiring expensive repairs and shortening the lifespan of the unit.

If you are in the process of searching for a toilet and looking for additional suggestions and information, visit or call a plumbing building materials Denver marketplace.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Inside Your Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanities play an important aesthetic role and they have an essential practical function as well, therefore cleanliness inside and on the exterior of your vanity unit is equally important. While wiping the vanity exterior quickly whenever you see any grime or dirt is easy, cleaning the interior takes a bit more time – here is how to do it:

  • Remove everything from the unit – whatever you store in your vanity, whether it is cosmetics, cleaning products or towels, you need to empty the vanity before you clean the insides. This is a great opportunity to go through all that stuff and to toss expired products or cosmetics in damaged bottles;
  • Spray the interior surfaces with a suitable product – make sure that the product is safe for the surfaces inside your vanity unit, spray it on, then wait for a couple of minutes for the product to work its magic. Grab a sponge and a soft, damp cloth and remove all the grime and chemical residues;
  • Clean all the items that go back – the cosmetics, bottles, containers and other items that will be placed into the vanity unit will all need to be cleaned before they are placed back into the unit.

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Sometimes, despite good cleaning, it is simply a great time to get a new, spotless, bathroom vanity. If you reach that point, look for affordable options at Buy and Build They offer quality products to the consumer at discounted below wholesale prices.

How to Find the Bathroom Vanity You’ll Love 

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The bathroom can be your little oasis of relaxation, where you can pamper yourself at the end of the day. You can arrange it as you wish, not necessarily with a very large investment.

A bathroom vanity is an element that will definitely enhance the aspect of the room, if you know how to choose it. It is also the solution you need to hide those products you use in the bathroom and which, left in sight, would create the impression of a messy and crowded space.

Choosing the best vanity for your bathroom should be guided by some important selection criteria, such as: the available space you have, the material you prefer, the type of compartments, your personal needs etc.

Last but not least, the bathroom vanity you will love should match the style of your bathroom. According to respected construction supply Denver retailers, it is very important to choose quality materials, as well as textures and colors that match your existing bathroom. It is easy like this than remodeling your bathroom in order to harmonize it with the new piece of furniture.

However, regardless of the style in which your bathroom is arranged, you must also consider the functionality of your newly purchased vanity, in order to fully enjoy the choice you have made.



The Best Discount Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2021

If you are planning a bathroom remodel for 2021, but you have a tight budget for the project, here are some remodel trends that will give you the attractive, comfortable and operational bathroom that you want without getting into debt:

  • Wood decorations made from pallets – pallets, new and used alike, are very versatile and can be transformed in many ways. You can dismantle your pallets to use the individual boards or you can polish and paint entire pallets to be used as flooring – whatever method you choose, you can benefit from the unique charm of the natural material;
  • Playing with colors – painting is the most traditional way to change the color of your bathroom walls, but special, water-resistant wallpaper is also available to be used in bathrooms. You can also choose to combine the two options, painting some walls and putting up wallpapers on others;
  • Shiny, metallic accents – the knobs, handles, soap dishes, towel racks and other small details are also very important. Choose a color and a texture to use them consistently and don’t forget, shiny décor elements can refresh the look of any room;
  • Do not complicate your design – Quality building supplies Denver merchants confirm that simple designs, with minimalist elements have been in vogue for a long time and they will be an important trend in 2021 too. The benefits of the style include not only harmonious appearance, but low costs as well.

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How to Increase Storage When Working with a Small Bathroom?

When you bought a house with a small bathroom, you might be irritated at the fact that there’s not enough space to store everything. Fortunately, there are ways around the problem, and in many cases you can use simple means to get more storage space without too much of a big investment.

  1. Try freeing up some space by installing a shower without a bathtub. You can later set up an outdoor hot tub later on, if you have enough money for the investment.
  2. See if you can sacrifice some living space outside your bathroom for setting up a new closet. Even if it’s not technically inside your bathroom, the closet can be close by, and it can store all the most essential items you need to have at the ready.
  3. Buy cabinets and install them throughout your bathroom in areas where they won’t obstruct your movement. This is an especially good idea if your ceiling is higher and you don’t have to worry about bumping your head into a few additional cabinets that you might have to install.
  4. Building materials Denver sellers creatively suggest that you replace any tables you might have with one or two counters or cabinets that have multiple shelves or drawers for important items. This approach can maximize your space without sacrificing an important surface area that you already have.

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How to Minimize Stress When Renovating Your Bathroom

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Any remodeling project involves some stress, especially the ones that concern an important space in the home that is used all the time, by everyone in the household, such as the bathroom. Fortunately, there are great ways to reduce that stress – here are some tips:

  • The importance of thorough planning – research and a solid plan are essential for successful and easy remodels. Try not to rush that phase – research material options and design solutions and try to prepare for any unexpected situations and issues that might force you to change your plans;
  • Get the budget right – the larger the renovation project, the more difficult to calculate an accurate budget for it. The best way to reduce financial stress is to prepare the figures that you consider right, then to add around 30% to it, that way, you can be almost sure that your new bathroom will be affordable, too; Take a look at affordable building materials Denver retailers, like Buy and Build, to estimate material costs.
  • Continuous cleaning – bathroom renovation can be very messy and having to put up with clutter everywhere in the house adds even more stress. Try to clean up at the end of each day of remodeling work – that way, you can make sure that your home stays functional throughout the project and that on the last day you will need to do only a little touch-up.