Best Practices to Follow for Construction Management

Construction management is a complex field that requires project managers to be familiar not only with the five phases of general project management – initiation, planning, execution, performance and closure -, but requires knowledge related to the technologies used for the specific project. If you are a construction project manager supervising a complex project, here are a few industry best practices that can make your job easier:

project management

  • Strive for smooth and continuous communication – motivating the members of your team to voice their concerns and listening to their ideas are essential elements in project communication. However, you also need to encourage your coworkers to be selective when it comes to the issues they turn to you with, otherwise you might end up doing other people’s work.
  • Cost monitoring – to be able to avoid financial emergencies, you need to keep track of project finances all the time, even if the project budget is distributed across several different departments.
  • Monitoring the construction work – as a construction manager, you need to be familiar with the practical aspects, such as the work processes. Visit the construction site as often as you can, observe everything and talk to the workers and the team leaders there – it is the best way to find out about potential issues that require your attention.
  • Anticipate customer needs, and be prepared to offer or suggest design or materials for the project. In many cases, the construction manager has more experience with design and materials than the customer. For instance, as a construction manager you may know the best place to look at and make cabinetry decisions, or find unique granite countertops in Denver. Keep a running list of resources to help the customer.