Building During the Pandemic, Potential Winners, and Losers for Contractors

Currently, a preliminary analysis of construction projects shows that contractors are generally continuing to operate at almost normal capacity, but their costs have increased, given that they have invested in protective equipment and implemented other measures to prevent their employees from getting sick. In addition, they must ensure the necessary financial flows for the payment of construction supply Denver materials, employees, subcontractors, etc. also taking into account potential future budgetary constraints caused by the cessation, suspension or postponement of some of the projects (for example, due to the decrease in the financial capacity of the project beneficiaries).

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On the other hand, one can take advantage of the fact that, currently, some renovation and landscaping projects can be carried out much more efficiently (for example, many of the office buildings are almost empty, so maintenance and modernization work that had been postponed by a long time can now be carried out).

From the perspective of the beneficiaries of construction projects, the difficulties they face may be aimed at reducing financial capacity, with effects on relations with contractors and therefore on the smooth running of construction sites.

Thus, even if certain real estate projects are completed during this period, it is much more difficult for some of them to be actually put into use (for example, in the case of office buildings, the rental of related premises may be delayed. In this case, rents can be substantially reduced, given that many companies support their employees to work from home or are simply no longer interested in allocating new workspaces/ changing headquarters etc.).