Classic or Unique: Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home Remodel

home design

The colors that you choose to apply on your walls and on your furniture will determine not only how you feel in your home, but the functionality of your rooms as well – for example, a sensitive color in a heavy duty area might add class and elegance to the room for a while, but no color looks great if the surface is stained or warping. The choice that you will have to make right after determining the set of hues suitable for the role that your room plays is to decide whether your home will be more attractive painted in classic hues or bold, unique solutions would work best. Here are some factors that you should bear in mind when determining your dominant color style:

  • Overall design – a home that features a classic layout, with classic shapes and is located in a neighborhood dominated by classic homes would get a harmonious look with classic colors, such as hues of yellow, grey and brown. Modern homes that feature unusual style elements, such as irregular shapes, on the other hand, look great painted in bold, extravagant hues; Some components of your home represent significant expenses, and your color choices may need to take them into account. Beautiful granite countertops in Denver homes, may require you to choose colors that compliment that area of your home.
  • You can have it all – classic color schemes, however, can be attractively spiced up with bold color choices. Choose one accent and paint it a bold hue – if the color works with the rest of your home, you can keep it, but you can quickly get rid of the unsuitable hue if you find the effect too striking.