Common Mistakes Made When Buying Granite Countertops

 avoid mistakes

Granite countertops add value and visual appeal to any kitchen, but only if the material is chosen right – here are some of the most common mistakes that you want to avoid while shopping for Denver granite countertops:

  • Assuming that you can find the slab that looks exactly like the sample – granite is a natural material, which also means that no two slabs are identical and you will need to be able to see and to touch your slab before you buy it;
  • Not matching your granite to samples of the floor or to pictures – the countertop is usually the centerpiece in the kitchen, a design element that needs to match the color and the texture of the floor and of the furnishing in the kitchen. Take the time to grab a sample of the flooring or take a few pictures of the kitchen to make sure the countertop works with the rest of the kitchen;
  • Not making accurate measurements – buying a granite slab that is too large, too small, too thin or too thick can ruin your entire kitchen, so make sure your measurements are right. Repeat the measurements as many times as you want to make sure they are accurate because once you have bought the slab, corrections will be difficult to make.