Countertop Edge Style Options

Edge styles span from general, standard looks to more specialized ones, with often very interesting names.

The standard style options may include:

  • Flat polish –classical and very common in contemporary design;
  • Bevel– includes a subtle, 45 degree angle, making the rounded edge a bit more interesting and eye-capturing;
  • Full bullnose – a rounded style that can make the edge to look a bit thinner;
  • Half bullnose – the rounded edge is cut in half, giving the countertop edge a thicker appearance;
  • Quarter round –a ¼ round edge, giving your countertop a more subtle, elegant tone;

Denver granite countertops

And among the specialized Denver granite countertops edge design options we could mention:

  • Double quarter round –has two ¼ round edges, resembling half of a rounded pencil;
  • Double bevel –it catches light on both bevel sides, adding more charm to your kitchen;
  • Ogee – has a concave radius and its name derived from the fact that when people saw this edge style and asked for prices, their typical answer was “O, Gee!”; it is perfect for the traditional kitchen;
  • Double ogee – has two radiuses and even more appeal;
  • Dupont – also called “inverted Ogee”, it has a convex radius and looks good in classic design kitchens.