Deciding on Kitchen Accent Colors

Colors exercise tremendous power over our psyche; the way we perceive the world is influenced by the presence of colors and the way they are combined. The chromatic palette plays a special role in interior design, being used for highlighting various elements in a room and improving our sense of comfort and well-being. As the kitchen has become a multifunctional room, when you decorate it, you must decide on its accent colors, to get the result you want.

Denver cabinets

After removing from your option the colors that do not represent you, the color palette will be chosen according to the size of the kitchen, the lighting, color and texture of the Denver cabinets, the decorative style and how crowded the kitchen is. The amount of light that a color reflects depends on the natural light, so if the kitchen is oriented to the north or east, warm colors are the best choices, while a very bright kitchen can be decorated with cooler colors.

To avoid the use of space in an inappropriate manner and an overloaded appearance, specialists recommend painting the walls in a single color, preferably neutral. Thus, the accents colors will be provided by accessories and decorations. In addition, the kitchen furniture and its finishes will perfectly complement the overall aspect.