Different Types of Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges come in just as many types as cabinets, so if you feel that the task of getting the right hardware is too daunting, here are a few of the most common hinge types explained:

  • Continuous hinges – also called piano hinges, these units are made from one long piece of metal and they are suitable for any type of cabinet door. They are easy to install, they fasten the door securely and they also add extra stability to the door;
  • Cup hinges – these durable hinges can be used to adjust the position of the door without having to take the door off;

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  • Ball bearing hinges – these smooth and durable hinges work great for larger, heavier doors as well. The bearings used in the hinges are permanently lubricated, so ball hinges never get stuck or rusty;
  • Demountable hinges – these hinges allow you to take the door off without having to dismantle the entire cabinet door hardware. They are self-closing hinges, so they make the perfect choice for homes with young children;
  • Face frame hinges – also called semi-concealed hinges, these solutions come with exposed cabinet wings, therefore they serve not only practical, but decorative purposes as well.
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