DIY Cabinet Installation – Easy if You Have Everything at Hand

Installing cabinets in your kitchen or in your bathroom on your own might seem intimidating at first, especially if you are not experienced in DIY installation, but with a step-by-step, strategic approach you can make it all easier – here is how:

  • Make accurate measurements first – there is nothing more frustrating than getting cabinets that do not fit into their place. However, you can easily avoid trouble if you make accurate measurements before you buy anything;
  • Check and mark the cabinets to install them in the right order – when your cabinets arrive, check them right away to see whether you were sent what you ordered, then place them into their location and mark them in the order they will be installed;
  • Make sure you have the right tools and accessories – levels, glue, measuring tape, clamps, studs and the tools you use to work with them and with the cabinet boards, such as drills, saws and glue guns are essential for successful installation;
  • Make the floor as level as possible before you install the cabinets – use the highest point as reference;
  • Start the installation with the unit that is the least conspicuous. If you have base and wall-mounted units as well, start with the ones on the floor – hanging up wall-mounted units is easier, but if you start with floor-mounted ones, you will be able to install the ones on the wall in a perfectly straight line.

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