Does It Take a Long Time to Deal with Kitchen and Bath Remodeling?

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A remodeling project almost always takes longer than you expect. When you have dust and debris everywhere, as well as strangers working in your house, you may feel like the project lasts an eternity.

Resourceful construction supply Denver providers warn that you should know that delaying a remodeling project is common, especially when it comes to larger projects such as modifying a bathroom or kitchen. There may be delays in obtaining approval if you want to change pipes, break walls or improve the electrical network.

Here are some other things that could cause delays:

  • Custom furniture, such as kitchen cabinets or certain tiles that are not available in the store and must be ordered.
  • Delivery problems.
  • Busy contractors who are already committed to other projects, and cannot start working on yours immediately.
  • Unexpected problems such as mold, etc.

Changing the location of the kitchen stove, refrigerator or sink requires more time, as it could involve adding new pipes, installing new electrical outlets, and maybe a new gas line. Depending on the changes and furniture you want, renovating a kitchen can last between three and twelve weeks.

As for the renovation of a bathroom, it can also take three weeks or more, because it takes time for each tile to be cut perfectly. After application, tiles must also be allowed to dry, during which time you cannot do any other work in the bathroom. In addition, if you are replacing the tub with a shower cabin, it may be necessary to replace the drains.