Does Your Kitchen have Room for an Island?

The kitchen island is not a very popular choice, for a very simple reason: kitchens are typically too small, and an island will only make things more crowded.

The truth is a kitchen is one of the hardest spaces to design in a home, given the multitude of activities that take place daily, and this can only make things even more complicated. If you really want a kitchen island, some realistic calculations are in order, to make sure you have enough room for your island.

Denver countertops

Start from the standard width for kitchen countertops: 60 cm. See how much space you have in the kitchen and start designing. Put everything on paper; it is your kitchen, and before you place an order for a custom island, you need to know what functions you want it to have and how it should look like.

If you just want a simple island, suitable for most activities starting with food preparation to children’s homework, as well as with storage space underneath, then a 60 cm width will do, while the length will depend on your Denver countertop available space. If you also want to incorporate a sink, a cooking hob or an oven, then the width of the island will likely increase quite a bit.

Do not forget that you still have to be able to move around. Most Denver countertops kitchen designers consider that a 80-100 cm corridor is perfect for safe access with hot stoves and dirty utensils.