Durable Countertop Products

Kitchen countertops are undoubtedly some of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. As the degree of damage occurred in the case of laminate countertops is very high, we will analyze some more resistant but affordable materials.

Granite, marble or travertine

First, these surfaces allow some types of use that a laminate countertop does not. For example, you can cut vegetables and fruits and you can place hot pots directly on these surfaces, without risking scratching or melting them. In addition, water does not infiltrate them, so you do not have to worry about replacing them too soon. granite countertopsAlthough more expensive, versatile granite countertops Denver options present the great advantage of being used freely, with very few restrictions. In other words, your worry will be rather replacing the kitchen furniture, not the countertops.

Other options, when it comes to durability, include:

Composite countertops

They contain polymers and up to 93% quartz particles. They come in many colors, and the non-porous surface provides increased scratch and stain resistance. They are very easy to maintain, and there is no need for annual treatment with protective substances.

Ceramic tiles

They can be used for walls, floors and countertops. The result will be a kitchen area built with little money, hygienic and easy to maintain.