Finding a Job in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is vast and welcomes various people, with or without experience, with different entry qualifications, as well as career changers, with adequate personal skills and qualities.

In this industry, you can get qualified or extend your qualifications while working. Starting in entry-level positions as a laborer includes creating a good resume, find jobs, apply for them and, once you are hired, apply for an apprenticeship program. Getting an apprenticeship allows you to combine learning the skills and working to become qualified. You can get an apprenticeship at different levels (craft, technical or higher), once you start working full time for a construction company. It will help you gain the skills required by National Occupational Standards. granite countertop with backsplashYou can also consider working at a local Denver kitchen cabinets building supply store and get experience working with kitchen and bath cabinet, countertop, lighting, and flooring design work.

The next steps, if you want to advance in your career, include getting higher national certificates, diplomas and degrees. You can get them by studying full-time or part-time, at specific universities.

Alternatively, if you already have a degree that is not related to the construction domain you can choose to follow a construction conversion course. In some cases, your non-construction degree may be enough, especially if it is in management or IT, as the construction industry is constantly looking for specialists in these fields.