Getting Your Home Remodel Done Before the Holidays

 home remodel tips

With the holidays approaching quickly, there is not too much time left for remodelling projects, but even so, there are lots of ways to implement spectacular changes without too much work – here are some tips:

  • Retouch your cabinet doors – if your cabinets are otherwise intact, but you don’t like the doors, all you need is some sandpaper, paint or wallpaper and some new handles and you can give them a brand-new look with a few hours’ work;
  • Do some painting – the project requires you to completely empty the room to be painted, but even so, it can be all done in a few days;
  • Rearrange the furniture – a new furniture configuration can transform the way your room looks;
  • Get new lights – a new lampshade for your standard lamp, a string of LED lights installed underneath you wall-mounted kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference;
  • Polish hardwood floors – another job that can be done in a couple of days and it transforms the way your rooms look. Get a few colourful rugs and the results will be spectacular;
  • Touch up your bathroom – installing a new faucet from a building materials Denver retail store and retouching the cabinet door and the countertop are not very complicated, but they can add class and functionality to your bathroom.