Hardwood and Granite Countertops – What Works and What Doesn’t?

Considering the issue of how well hardwood and granite countertops go together, many granite experts will tell you that this combination is one of the best you can consider for the cost. While there are a lot of other types of countertops you can think of using, Denver granite countertops will provide adequate protection and also offer a unique level of appeal that very few other materials are capable of.

 granite countertop

So, the color of the paint on hardwood counters should definitely match everything else you have in your kitchen, including islands, tables, bars and stools. You can also consider using unique finishes for hardwood counters that will add an extra flare of style and unique appeal.

When it comes to the countertop design, however, it’s important to take care to match the countertop color and texture to the style you chose for your hardwood counter design. Typically, this means you can consider a lighter color for the countertop, if the hardwood is a darker shade of brown, gray or blue. On the other hand, lighter counters are more versatile in terms of contrast, allowing you to choose anything from absolute black to an “Antico” white or cream design.

Selecting the right type of countertop can take some time and care. However, you’ll find the combination of a granite top with hardwood to be well worth it, especially if you’re aiming for long term appeal for your Denver home.