What Is Involved In Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Project?

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The kitchen and bath remodeling project can involve many aspects. First and foremost, you need to gather a lot of information before you can decide on the details of your project. With the help of an expert, you can find out the best solutions to adopt for making your house a great place by remodeling these two important areas.

Establishing your budget can be a difficult task, as it is strongly related to the value of your home, to the plans you have for it, whether you plan on keeping your house for many years to come or you intend to sell it in the near future, and so on. The good news is construction supply Denver advisors can tell you on the best steps to take in mostly any kind of budget range.

Another thing you should consider is the exact extent of the project. If you can put up with the timeline, you can start the actual project. Surface-level bathroom remodeling can be a valid option. In that particular case, you preserve the layout of your current bathroom and do some changes as far as lighting, flooring and fixtures are concerned. At any rate, working with professional contractors is the best option.



What Is the Difference Between Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets?

In case you are about to change the furniture in your bathroom, it is important to understand the difference between bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets, for instance. In short, all the bathroom cabinets which have a sink on top of them are considered to be vanities, but not all vanities can be called cabinets.

A bathroom vanity can camouflage exposed plumbing, in order to make the bathroom look nice and tidy. In numerous cases, vanities have fewer storage spaces and are structured in such a way as not to take up too much space, yet hide pipes and other bathroom elements.

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As compared to kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets are a bit different. For example, they are shallower, and tend to be shorter.


At any rate, when designing your perfect bathroom vanity, Buy and Build Kitchen and Bath consultants say there are a few things to consider. For example, the size of the bathroom plays an important role. If your bathroom is smaller, you can use a vanity with lower profile, which can render the impression of more space. In this case, wall-mounted or floating vanities may be a great solution.

The amount of time which will be spent in the bathroom can also dictate the type of cabinets that you will need.

When Should You Buy Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

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If you are thinking of buying steel cabinets for your kitchen remodel Denver project, it is a good idea to consider their advantages and disadvantages, before making the final decision.

In terms of appearance, stainless steel cabinets fit well with appliances made from the same material and also with the design of many modern kitchens. Many people find the aspect of silver steel kitchen cabinets attractive, considering them an elegant and contemporary alternative to wooden cabinets.

You should take into account purchasing metal kitchen cabinets if you are considering, for example, arranging your kitchen in a contemporary industrial style, in which cabinets made of traditional materials would not fit. At the same time, in an environment with high humidity levels, metal cabinets can be a better choice than wooden cabinets or their alternatives, since they are not affected by it. Moreover, if you opt for stainless steel cabinets, you will not have to worry about rusting either.

Like metal appliances, cabinets made of this material tend to show fingerprints and stains more easily than wood. However, they are very easy to care for and clean, since they usually only require being wiped down with a damp cloth, without the need for polishing, painting or other operations.

Metal kitchen cabinets have a high corrosion resistance and are extremely durable, so an investment in these products will pay off.


Which Denver Experts Can Advise You on Keeping Bathroom Remodeling Practical?

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When you start a bathroom renovation Denver interior designers are your best bet to keep things simple and practical. These specialists work like this:

  • They make a cost-effective and achievable plan for renovating the bathroom, taking into account important elements such as the size of the room, your preferences, the budget you have at your disposal, etc.
  • They advise you on the best building materials, or in choosing furniture and decorations, so that the final result is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  • They come up with creative options to renovate your bathroom in style.

Therefore, the experience of such a professional can save you a lot of time wasted in stores or in front of the computer looking for design ideas or with the meter in hand, trying to find out if a certain bathroom vanity that you have put your eyes on in a showroom has the right size for your bathroom. All you have to do is trust the professionalism of an interior designer and allow them to help you.

An interior designer can offer you all the recommendations you need so that you can make smart and efficient investments. All these aspects will also increase the value of the house.


Tips to Find Bathroom Cabinets That Are Built to Last

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Not all bathroom cabinets are built to be resilient. A lot of them are just for show, and some homeowners might even find that the cabinets they bought fell off the wall a short time after they were installed. You definitely don’t want to have that scenario happen to you.

Fortunately, finding a good design for a bathroom cabinet is as easy as browsing online for sturdy cabinets for sale, or visiting a Denver cabinets showroom. A lot of new trends focus more on practicality than in the past, while still pushing for presentable and fashionable cabinet designs.

In terms of the specific features to look for, consider the door design and whether it might have a great amount of strain placed on it while being used a lot in the long run. If the hinges are of lower quality metal, the design makes the door get stuck more often or the handle is more for show than to allow for an easy grasp, then you might want to search for a different cabinet altogether.

The material itself is also important. Wood and metal tend to be affected by moisture more than PVC or fiberglass. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a stylish wood or metal bathroom cabinet. Just make sure that they are properly coated to withstand the temperature and humidity changes that they’re likely to be exposed to on a long term basis.

Can Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Increase Your Home Price?

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When it comes down to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, adding kitchen cabinets, building an outdoor kitchen or buying the latest smart faucets and bathtub features to wow home buyers can bring you a lot of advantages. The appeal that your home will have due to the sheer “newness” of your bathroom or kitchen will already attract a lot of people. Simply setting up an online visual tour of your newly installed kitchen and bathroom area will likely cause home buyers to show a lot of interest. As a result, the perceived value of your house will be much higher to begin with.

The actual value will increase as well. If you sold houses in the past, you probably already know that there will be an appraisal which means that a third party expert will evaluate how much your home is worth based on its features, placement, curb appeal and many other criteria. Having a brand new bathroom or a kitchen fitted with cutting edge appliances will definitely boost the appraisal price, so you’ll also be able to ask for more.

Ultimately, bathroom and kitchen remodels are often recommended by realtors and investors. According to well known kitchen renovation Denver designers, if you want your home to sell for a higher price, taking the time and energy to invest in these types of remodeling projects will undoubtedly help you get more than you’ve bargained for.

The Most Fashionable Designs for Bathroom Cabinets in Denver

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Current trends reveal natural-looking bathrooms, in warm or neutral palettes, various combinations of natural materials, elegant yet spacious bathtubs, and modernist-inspired sinks and faucets.

If you are looking for fashionable designs for your bathroom cabinets, you may want to consult an  with a bathroom remodel Denver designer or a custom bathroom furniture manufacturer in Denver, which offer consultancy in order to identify what would be the most suitable design choice, in your case.

From wood elements that go so well with the white porcelain, passing through the vintage or contemporary styles, you have a lot of choices! The latest trends combine the beauty of simple designs with functionality.

We are in a period when natural-looking bathroom interiors are in vogue, simplicity is very fashionable, so you could opt for furniture made of noble materials such as wood (natural and in mineral tones), or glass. The use of natural materials in interior design is an excellent way to bring to your home the soothing atmosphere provided by nature!

The design is as minimalist as possible. White, along with the lines of simple furniture, with a clean and refined design, are and will always remain a sure value for your bathroom to become a wonderful relaxation space.

Various models of anthracite or black bathroom furniture can also be used successfully.


The Best Materials to Use in Your Kitchen

When you’re considering a kitchen remodel, choosing the right building materials and suppliers should be the first thing on your list of priorities. Selecting the right materials could save you a lot of trouble down the line and allow you to avoid needing to pay big money on repairs and replacements.

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Here are just a few of the best materials found at construction supply Denver distributors that you might want to consider:

  • Vinyl is a great replacement for wood when you don’t have a lot of money to invest in wooden counters and cabinets. Even your tables and chairs could be made of vinyl, if you really need to save money, although a combination of material (for example a steel frame for stability) will often be recommended.
  • Wood is still a great choice for a well-aired kitchen. As long as it’s well-coated and isn’t too exposed to humidity and smoke, wood can remain stylish and durable for years.
  • Metals are a good option for durability as well as sturdiness. When your kitchen furniture features steel frames or even a complete steel construction, you already know that they’re built to last.
  • Finally, it’s a very good idea to consider granite as an option not only for your countertops, but for other surfaces too. A table with a wooden frame and granite surface area can look amazing in your dining area or in your kitchen.

How to Get the Best Granite Countertop

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Granite countertops are not always that different from each other if you just look at the material itself. It’s true that some providers offer robust countertops that are made from higher quality granite, but the difference between their offers and the most conventional, low price countertops on the market has to be considered through a wider lens.

One of the main criteria to take into account is appearance and color. You have to make sure the countertop you want to buy matches your kitchen’s overall appearance and design. If you want to remodel your kitchen and throw out all your old furniture, consider how the color of your new granite countertops will look against the palette of your kitchen walls and the design of the counters and cabinets themselves.

An important consideration for getting granite countertops that are of good enough quality is to locate the most trusted granite countertops Denver providers. Don’t be fooled by the idea that cheaper is better, since you could end up with a poor quality countertop that will be easily damaged within the first year of use. Instead, consider choosing a provider like Buy and Build that is highly ranked and reputable for having some of the best products on the market, and for being transparent and friendly enough to provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Kitchen Remodel Right After Buying a New Home

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As you opt to get a complete kitchen remodel, or even just buy a few new kitchen cabinets and counters, you’ll find there are a lot of benefits to getting that work done right after buying your new home. Here are just some of them:

  • A remodel is a great way to make the new home your own. You’ll be able to change the appearance of your home and make it feel like it’s actually your living space, so you and your family can instantly feel more comfortable.
  • You can usually get a great offer by hiring the same general contractors to work on your remodeling projects as the ones who fix other parts of your home that might be necessary to repair right after you bought it.

Remodeling your kitchen will add instant value to your newly purchased home. If you opt to resell it, you can stand a better chance to gain a good profit from it.

On the other hand, getting a kitchen remodel right away might not always be the best choice:

  • Consider how much money you have left after buying your house and whether or not you can actually spend it on a kitchen remodel. Sometimes you have to wait to see if any unexpected expenses might turn up as well. A great place to save costs is by searching kitchen remodel Denver discount showrooms for less expensive cabinetry and countertops.
  • Also, it’s always best to inspect the home thoroughly to check if there was anything that the seller omitted to disclose – such as problems with basement flooding or walls that have sustained water damage and developed mold. You’ll usually have to take care of those problems before considering any kind of aesthetic remodeling project.