How Do Soft Close Cabinets Work?

The cabinets fitted with soft close hinges are the perfect solution for people who want to get rid of the sound of slamming and banging cabinet doors – here are a few things about how these special hinges work.

Soft close discount cabinets in Denver use hinges that make the most of the power of gravity. When the door is pushed to close, the hinge mechanism allows the door to be moved by the power of the push only up to a certain point – when the door reaches that point, the door is almost stopped, then gravity takes over and closes the door slowly and silently.

The most important benefit of soft close cabinets is obviously the silent, slamming-free operation, but soft-close mechanisms come with other advantages as well. With soft close cabinets, you don’t need to pay attention to follow the closing process – all you need to do is to give the door a slight push, then it will close on its own. The other benefit is improved durability – doors that don’t slam live longer, their surface does not get damaged and they maintain their shape for longer as well. Soft close hinges are affordable and easy to install, too, so you can start upgrading your cabinets without having to invest a lot into hardware or tools.

soft close discount cabinets