How Hard Is It to Choose Your Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Design?

From darker, more sophisticated tones to simple white, there are hundreds of new designs that can help spice up your kitchen, regardless of what type of cabinet you’d prefer. Serviceability and practical appeal are also high on the list, as 2017 looks to be a year of complete redefinition when it comes to kitchen trends.


Darker Hues


Dark chocolate and espresso finishes are some of the most current and well-received trends in kitchen cabinet and counter design. Traditional and contemporary kitchens can both be equipped with cabinets featuring various hues of black and dark brown, and anything from soft finishes to a more metallic, reflective surface can be used.


Gray as the “New White”


Although white cabinets continue to be in the center spotlight, toning it down with gray shades and the use of gray cabinet designs seems to be one of the newest emerging trends on the market. Hues of gray can be combined even better with wooden hues and finishes to create a more unique and inviting look.


Cabinets Hiding Custom Features and Compartments


Cabinet designers are also focusing a great deal on creating a more practical appearance and construction that allows you to maximize the space of your cabinets, and make them look cool even while they’re in use. Modern day shelves and cabinets now contain hidden compartments and concealed custom features, such as pullout doors attached to various shelves and different types of customized inserts.  The selection of beautiful Denver Kitchen Cabinets with hidden storage is something every homeowner wants.