How Kitchen Work Zones Make all the Difference in Your Space

Taking into account the configuration of the kitchen into work zones, you can be more efficient with the available space you have and you can organize yourself according to your preferences and lifestyle. Affordable construction supply Denver retailers suggest you visit home remodeling showrooms to get inspiration and remodeling ideas.

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In general, you can divide your kitchen into 5 essential work areas: the consumables area, which includes the refrigerator and/ or pantry, the storage area (cabinets with plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, etc.), the washing area, which includes the sink and the dishwasher (as the case may be), the preparation area (i.e. the countertop) and, finally, the cooking area, with the hob/ stove/ built-in oven or other similar appliances.

Because the whole idea around this organization into work zones is for you to be more efficient, it is good to store the things you need as close as possible to the particular zones they belong to. For example, pans and pots are the ones you often use when cooking; keep them close to the cooking area. Spices are used for food preparation, so they should be somewhere near the countertop. The cupboard with the plates and cutlery that you use every day should be placed near the washing area, i.e. next to the sink, because this way it is much easier for you to put them back once they are clean and dry.