How Long Do Kitchen Remodels Take?

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A complete kitchen remodel can take quite a few weeks, especially if you want to use custom-made components, such as custom cabinets that can take quite a while to craft. And you need to make sure that your kitchen design building supplies Denver retailer has everything you need in stock when you need it. Here is a quick outline of how long the most important phases take:

  • Removal of the furniture and other items in the existing kitchen – depending on the size of your kitchen and on how crammed with things it is, this phase can take about two days;
  • Marking the new locations for the electric fixtures – most kitchen remodelling projects involve relocating or adding electrical outlets and light fixtures as well. It can take about two days to determine the new locations and to make accurate measurements to ensure the safety of the new lighting system;
  • Mechanical installation – the installation of the new extractor fan, HVAC equipment, plumbing and electrical outlets can take around a week;
  • The installation of insulation, drywalls and flooring – allow a couple of days for each step in this phase. The phase ends with the painting of the walls, which usually adds a couple of days;
  • Cabinet and countertop installation – depending on how many cabinets you have and on whether you want wall-mounted units as well, the process can take up to a week;
  • Final touches and cleaning – the installation of the last switches, of the plumbing fixtures, the backsplash and other small, but important components can also take a couple of days, while the cleaning will probably take up an entire day.