How to Choose Cabinets to Match Granite Countertops

Kitchen furniture should always be chosen carefully because it has to meet certain requirements: be of good quality, which ensures resistance and durability, be decorous, provide sufficient storage space, allow efficient use of available space and, not least, it must fit with other details, such as the countertop.

Lately, granite has become the most used material for setting up or refurbishing kitchens. Granite countertops are very nice, available in many colors and shades, which recommend them as the best choice. Moreover, in terms of durability, granite is very close to the hardness of the diamond.

kitchen interior with beautiful granitei sland, sink, dark colored cabinetsGranite countertops fit perfectly with wood kitchen cabinets, regardless their style. However, when it comes to the color, things are not so simple. Granite is a natural material and its color is not uniform, so many designers recommend choosing the countertop before choosing the kitchen furniture. After that, you have to decide whether you want to create a chromatic contrast, or to harmonize the colors in your kitchen.

If you choose the contrast and have a light-colored countertop, choose dark-colored affordable Denver kitchen cabinets and vice versa. On the other hand, if you opt for complimentary chromatics, you will have to choose cabinets in similar shades with the countertop.