How to Create the Right Color Palette for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Creating a color palette for your kitchen involves a delicate process. Even though you might assume that the palette should basically contain colors you like, it’s not necessarily as simple as that. When you paint your kitchen and buy new kitchen furniture, you have to think about how others might perceive it as well, especially if you plan to sell your house later on.

A good color palette will contain colors that complement each other. For instance, if you choose pastels, it might not go over too well to mix them with high contrast colors and shades that will present a striking and obstructive appearance in relation to the pastel choices.

High contrast black, white and gray goes well together with shades of light red, yellow and orange, or you could mix them with lighter versions of cool colors such as teal, sea foam green or lavender – all of which can get pretty close to white.

Another good palette to choose includes wood accents and mixing orange, red and gold. This approach is especially good if you want a cozy, tranquil or classical design that invokes traditional furniture and countertops, while still blending in pretty well with the modern appliances that you have at hand.

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