How to Deal with Weird Shapes in Granite Countertops

Granite, being a volcanic rock, has a very high resistance to mechanical shocks, which makes it excellent as a kitchen countertop. Granite kitchen countertops are heat resistant, which means you can put on them hot pots without causing any kind of damage. In addition, granite has a very small absorption, close to zero, and this makes kitchen countertops stain-resistant.

In terms of appearance, granite is a rock with a granular structure. The uneven hue of its color is due to quartz, feldspar and other minerals that are part of its composition. Having a crystalline structure, granite sometimes has natural cracks, which are NOT structural defects, but a natural result of the immense heat and pressure due to which it was formed. These features are part of the natural beauty of this stone and will not affect its properties, regardless its destination.

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If you think that your granite countertop has a weird shape, it is good to know that a good finish can change both its aesthetic appearance and texture. Therefore, you can contact a distributor of granite countertops in Denver who will present you the types of finishes available and the effects you can get. The finishes must be executed by professional workers, because granite is very hard and difficult to process.