How to Decide on a Kitchen Backsplash

 granite countertops and backsplash

Your backsplash is an important component in any kitchen – its design can make or break your kitchen design and its material will ensure or compromise the usability of your kitchen sink or of the countertop in front of the backsplash. If you are currently browsing backsplash solutions, but the more pics you see, the more daunting the task seems, here are some tips to help you choose the best design and the best material from quality building materials Denver retailers:

  • Consider the personality of your kitchen – use the overall style of your kitchen to determine the backsplash style. A sleek, modern and industrial kitchen, complete with amazing Denver granite countertops, will look great with stainless steel behind the sink, while off-white subway tiles would look great in a classic kitchen;
  • The role of the backsplash – if you want your backsplash to stand out, you can go for patterned tiles or for brighter, bolder colors, either in the tiles or in the grout between them, but if you want a backsplash that simply blends in, choose hues that are not conspicuous;
  • Function – how much you use your kitchen will also determine the choice of the backsplash color. Patterned tiles as well as cream, beige, light grey or brown conceal stains well and don’t require you to clean the backsplash after each time you use your sink or the countertop in front of the backsplash, but bolder colors, such as dark brown, black or strong hues, such as red or orange make even the smallest spot stand out, so you will need to clean your colorful backsplash more often.