How to Increase Storage When Working with a Small Bathroom?

When you bought a house with a small bathroom, you might be irritated at the fact that there’s not enough space to store everything. Fortunately, there are ways around the problem, and in many cases you can use simple means to get more storage space without too much of a big investment.

  1. Try freeing up some space by installing a shower without a bathtub. You can later set up an outdoor hot tub later on, if you have enough money for the investment.
  2. See if you can sacrifice some living space outside your bathroom for setting up a new closet. Even if it’s not technically inside your bathroom, the closet can be close by, and it can store all the most essential items you need to have at the ready.
  3. Buy cabinets and install them throughout your bathroom in areas where they won’t obstruct your movement. This is an especially good idea if your ceiling is higher and you don’t have to worry about bumping your head into a few additional cabinets that you might have to install.
  4. Building materials Denver sellers creatively suggest that you replace any tables you might have with one or two counters or cabinets that have multiple shelves or drawers for important items. This approach can maximize your space without sacrificing an important surface area that you already have.

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