How to Jazz Up Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

While sometimes an entire remodeling of a room or area of the house is necessary, there is the possibility of bringing new life into the room just by changing a few objects. Here, we can address how to accomplish this with a kitchen. The predominant feature of most kitchens is their cabinets. They occupy a lot of space that is needed for storage. Buying and changing them with new ones can get very expensive, and so, an alternative would be doing a few modifications to the current ones.

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Old cabinets a present a lot of deterioration on their surface and the door could have suffered a bit of damage due to their constant usage. By adding a new colored veneer on the surface or simply replacing the cabinet doors themselves can result in a drastic and fresh new look. One other popular method to change the kitchen ambiance is simply repainting the cabinet surface with brighter colors. After refreshing the surface, replacing the knobs and pulls with new ones is another simple way to give the cabinets a new and better look than before. You can look at reasonably priced building supplies Denver retailers for cabinetry pulls and knobs.

Other hardware that can deteriorate over time or the drawer slides due to friction and replacing them will give the cabinets a “new” feel and improve their functionality. Also, adding some sort of lubricant on areas where there is wood to wood contact is a good idea. If possible, adding some LED’s inside can give those old cabinets a modern aesthetic.

Lastly, many people like their kitchen cabinets, but over time, a lot of grime and grit has accumulated on the surfaces, making them look old and deteriorated. Giving them a good cleaning with some straight mineral spirits can help remove the buildup. After that, finishing the entire process with some wax or wood varnish can make them look as new as the time they were acquired.