How to Keep Your Granite Countertops Looking Brand New

 Denver countertops

Although granite is known as one of the strongest rocks, granite countertops still needs regular care in order to maintain their qualities for many years and look brand new.

  • Daily cleaning

Granite countertops can be easily cleaned with a cloth and warm water. You can also add a disinfectant cleaning solution, specially designed for kitchen surfaces.

  • Removal of grease stains

The most common problem with kitchen countertops is grease stains. To remove them safely and completely from granite countertops, you can use commercially available cleaning solutions.

  • Avoid exposing granite countertops to very high temperatures

Although granite is very resistant to high temperatures, you should still avoid placing hot pots directly on your countertop. Use trivets instead, to protect it.

  • Do not cut chop foods directly on your granite countertops

Use a special support when you want to cut something with sharp objects. Although granite is scratch resistant, we recommend that you protect it so that your kitchen countertop will look like new for many years to come.

  • Do not place heavy furniture on the edges of your countertop

Although granite is very durable, you need to keep in mind that a thinner countertop can break under the weight of solid wood furniture.

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