How to Lighten up Your Windowless Kitchen

A kitchen with enough natural light becomes instantly a welcoming space, where cooking turns into a pleasant and relaxing activity. However, if your kitchen is windowless and installing windows is not an option, learn that there are some simple ways to bring natural light in.

  1. A revolutionary idea is the insertion of solar tubes on the roof, which will bring natural light inside the kitchen through a prismatic diffuser.
  2. Bring the natural light from the next room

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A smart way to bring more natural light into the kitchen is to visit the best granite countertops Denver building supply stores and choose the granite that most reflects overhead lighting. In addition, include reflective surfaces in the adjoining room (dining room), or to think about a renovation project, in order to remove the wall separating the two rooms and create an open kitchen – separated of the dining room only by its distinctive layout. This way, natural light will automatically reach the space where you cook.

  1. Use open colors in your kitchen

White and light colors have the power to reflect any light source and this potential has to be exploited to the fullest. In the case of white walls, the corners fade in a discreet manner, and the room will seem optically bigger.

  1. Use adequate artificial lighting to compensate the lack of natural light.