How to Make Your Kitchen More Romantic

Denver granite countertops

If you want a romantic kitchen, it is good to know that French accents are among those that convey elegance and romance, regardless of the room they decorate. They make you think of the Provencal style, a style whose name is inspired by the Provence region, located in the south of France.

The colors could be shades of lavender, turquoise combined with earthy shades and various textures. The furniture should have an elegant and classic design, with meticulous details that add feminine and precious accents. The predominant shade (which can be pale beige, for example) can be joined by dark lines and golden details found mainly in the design of the furniture handles.

The cottage style is also perfect for those who want to bring to their homes a touch of nostalgia for the past – this time, in the English way!

Although it may include modern appliances, your kitchen could fit into the cottage style by adding retro elements. Choose white painted wood cabinets with small glass windows. Match together white wood furniture and beautiful Denver granite countertops with warm, natural colors. Do not forget about a vintage chest, matching the colors of the room. The sink can also be white.

For some extra color, paint the walls in a shade of blue and add beautifully carved shelves on which to place crockery and vintage decorative objects, in pastel colors – pink, green, yellow, blue.