How to Match Countertops to Cabinetry

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The kitchen is the space where people spent most of their time in, a space that needs to be not only functional, but consistently styled as well. A kitchen remodeling project holds lots of opportunities for creating a unique and special style, for adding your personal touch – here are some tips about how to harmonize the design of your countertops and your cabinets:

  • Use a color palette – the best way to create a harmonious and consistent countertop and cabinet design is to create a color scheme using a main color and two complimentary colors to be featured all the pieces. You can use the main color on your cabinet doors and choose a countertop material that features the complimentary colors and spots in the main color;
  • Don’t be shy, use bold colors – striking color combinations, such as lime green cabinets with a rust brown or orange countertop can look great when used consistently;
  • Play with textures – matte surfaces need shiny accents and shiny surfaces look great when toned down with some matte accents. You can create attractive, stylish designs with the help of matte or shiny transparent foil used for contrast;
  • Use contrasting styles strategically – a shiny, modern countertop looks great with rustic discount cabinets Denver options and modern cabinetry can be highlighted with a rustic, thick wooden countertop.