How to Prevent Cracks and Chips on Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are attractive, valuable and durable additions in any kitchen. There are not many things that can ruin granite – the slabs made from the natural stone variety that are properly sealed are resistant to heat, to scratching and they don’t absorb chemicals either. However, there is one thing that granite slabs are sensitive to and that is strong impact, but fortunately according to granite countertops Denver sales pros, that can be prevented – here is how:

  • Use coasters and runners – there are lots of attractive, fun runners and coasters available in any store, so just pick some that match your kitchen design – they will not only protect your granite countertop, but will also add fresh spots of color to the entire space;
  • Check the sealing and refresh it if necessary – the sealant on your slab plays a very important protective role. To maintain its efficiency, the sealing needs to be refreshed every couple of years, but it is a good idea to check it every couple of months and to reapply the treatment, even if the process is not due yet;
  • Don’t drop heavy objects from high up – the biggest danger that you can expose your granite countertop to is the impact caused by heavy pots or pans dropped from a height. We all know how easily things can slip out of the hands of even the best, most careful cook, but try to avoid such accidents as much as you can.