How To Save Money On New Kitchen Cabinets

Getting your old, worn kitchen cabinets replaced can be costly, but there are many ways to reduce the costs – here are some:

  • Consider door replacement – many old kitchen cabinets are worn only on the outside, the boxes behind the doors being still strong. Inspect your cabinets inside and outside – if the interior of the cabinets seems unharmed, you can consider replacing only the doors;

Denver cabinets

  • Retouch the doors – kitchen cabinet doors can be cleaned, polished and refinished with paint, foil or wallpaper. An experienced Denver cabinets kitchen designer says that cabinet door refurbishing is a great way to get creative and to have a unique kitchen for very little money;
  • Shop around – check multiple stores as well as online sellers to be able to get the new cabinets you want for the best price;
  • Consider cheaper materials – while solid wood cabinets are certainly the most elegant solution, modern cabinets are available in many material varieties, such as laminate, that are also attractive, but much cheaper than wood;
  • Consider some compromises – some features, such as soft closing or full-extension slides, can add hundreds of dollars to the price of new cabinets, so deciding to do without these features can help you reduce your kitchen remodeling costs.