Innovative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are extremely useful for an efficient organization of all the things necessary every day for food preparation and eating. Here are some innovative uses of these cabinets that you may not have thought of before.

  • Install shelves inside your kitchen cabinets

Shelves allow you to use all the space inside the cabinet and also help you keep things in order.

  • Make good use of the interior of the cabinet doors

Attach cork panels on the interior of the doors; this is useful to hook up various kitchen tools. Alternatively, you can use suction hooks, without installing cork panels.

  • Turn the small cabinets into rack shelves

Rack shelves prove to be very useful in any kitchen, because you can store small containers vertically, such as spice jars.

pull out kitchen shelf drawers

  • Install pull out shelves in larger kitchen cabinets

The pots, the trays and all the massive tools used in a kitchen occupy a lot of space in the cabinets, not to mention that it will be always difficult to find something “hidden” behind them. Pull out shelves can solve this problem and you will bring everything you need within your grasp, helping you save a lot of otherwise wasted energy and time.

  • Use the space above the cabinets

Finally yet importantly, the space above the cabinets can be extremely useful, especially in the case of small kitchens. This space can be arranged in various ways: you can add additional shelves, store baskets or decorative boxes filled with less used items, wine bottles and so on.

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