Why You Should Install Granite Countertops

When your slightest problem is money, granite can be an always-fashionable choice for countertops, regardless of the kitchen’s style. The advantages of a granite counter top refer mainly to durability, beauty and richness of colors, resistance to wear and tear as well as to high temperatures and, not least, naturalness.

The main feature of granite is that it is very resistant to external agents (moisture and temperature). This makes it the best choice, alongside with marble, not just for kitchen countertops, but also for floors and other interior and exterior uses.

kitchen design white granite and white tile

Compared to marble, granite is slightly more expensive. It can be purchased in various colors, from black to gold, and this makes it easy to match with the rest of the kitchen.

Maintenance of a granite countertop is extremely simple because its molecular structure does not allow infiltrations, which means that any substance that comes in contact with it will simply drain or evaporate, leaving no deep stains behind. Therefore, it is not necessary to use special cleaning agents. The simplest way to clean such a surface is by using water and a sponge.

Finally, on a granite countertop, you can easily put pots at very high temperatures, without fear of damaging it in any way.

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