Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Solutions – The Advantages of Granite Countertops

In case you are thinking about ways to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops, granite countertops may be a very good option. Granite is one of the oldest building materials, which has been used since antiquity.
The presidents on Mount Rushmore, an emblematic sculpture for the USA, are made of granite. This is a clear proof of the durability and sturdiness of this type of material.
Formica was used as material for countertops, back in the old days. But this material can often melt, crack or get stained. In this respect, granite is one of the most heat-resistant types of materials you can find on the market. Nevertheless, it is more advisable not to place excessively hot items on your granite countertops, because, in time, this can lead to cracks.
Granite is also highly resistant to scratching. So it is best not to use it as a cutting surface, as it can actually dull your knives.
At the same time, granite does not get stained. It is a hardy material with very small pores, which make it difficult for any substances to penetrate. To reduce chances of staining even more, you may consider sealing the granite surface. Granite does not retain bacteria either.

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