Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Tips – Following the Newest Trends

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The current trends in the arrangement of the bathroom and kitchen, which have been noticeable for some times now, are the bold combinations of lines and colors.

This year, black is used by interior designers who rely on less common combinations. Attributed to the reinterpreted classic style, black becomes the star color in choosing washbasins for the bathroom. Interior design bathroom remodel Denver specialists do not recommend, however, a bathroom dominated by dark colors, but only suggest combining them with white or light-colored pieces of furniture.

For those who prefer a modern style, but are not impressed by an impersonal atmosphere, specialists recommend colors inspired by nature, such as the living azure of the sea, or the earthy shades of forest and mountain areas.

As for the kitchen, the black and white mix is also trendy. This time, the star of the room is the countertop, which can be made from a mix of recycled glass, with mirror, marble or quartz inserts. As for the furniture, the recommendations are aimed at neutral tones, which direct all the attention to the countertop – the central point of the kitchen.

Also, in order to invigorate the atmosphere, the color accent can be rendered by choosing appliances or decorations in strong, contrasting shades, but also by additional design solutions, for example a wall cladding made of composite materials, in intense colors.