Kitchen Cabinetry Trends that You Should Know About


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Kitchen cabinet designs have always been governed by trends – here are some tips about how to create a trendy kitchen:

  • Use dark colors – darker hues, such as graphite, navy, even black, are no longer considered to be sober. If you love solid colors, but you are concerned by the overall effects, use your fav dark hue on your cabinets and lighten up the atmosphere with some accents in vivid, contrasting hues and a neutral color on the walls;
  • Storage cabinets that run up to the ceiling – massive cabinets that cover the entire wall are great, trendy solutions to hide appliances and dishes, what’s more, they can double as a well-stocked pantry as well;
  • Open shelves replacing cabinets – while tall, solid cabinets are certainly trendy, so are airy, open shelves that showcase your most beautiful dishes, utensils and appliances;
  • The use of natural wood or of materials that replicate the appearance of natural wood – oak is especially trendy these days. Fortunately, there are lots of great, durable and attractive synthetic materials that offer similar great looks without the high costs of wooden cabinets;
  • Transitional styles – the combination of traditional designs with modern styling is a great way to create a unique kitchen.

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