Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project for the beginning of next year and you are looking for styles that will be really hot in 2019, here are some of the greatest trends forecasted:

  • Playing with accents – this low-cost solution can make your kitchen look really trendy without depleting your wallet. Cabinet doors with unique handles that match the overall style of your kitchen, such as brass handles or even leather stripes used for opening your cabinet doors drive huge impact;
  • Making the most of your kitchen sink – the sink is not only a functional element in your kitchen, you can also use it to make a powerful style statement. A colorful sink might seem like a bold solution, but with the right hue, you can create a unique and trendy kitchen;

kitchen remodeling

  • Suspended lighting with a difference – while recessed lighting solutions have been dominating kitchen design for years, pendant lights are making a powerful comeback. However, suspended lights do not replace recessed illumination, so make sure you choose your fixtures to add one more layer of light to your space and not to be the sole source of light in the kitchen;
  • Colors used strategically – pops of colors distributed throughout the room will be the way to brighten up your space and to make it more playful. Use your favorite shade or red, orange or blue in accents to contrast more toned-down color and to add a youthful air.
  • You can look for kitchen remodeling building supplies in Denver that will meet your budget and interior design goals.