Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Buy and Build

Kitchen renovation is a complex process and there are a few operations that you should put on your checklist.

Replace the water pipes

Especially if you are not sure how old the current water pipes are, replacing them with new ones made from more resistant materials is a very good idea that will keep problems away, for a very long time.

Replace old windows

Make sure the new windows provide as much natural light as possible, as well as adequate ventilation, which is particularly necessary in the kitchen.

Change the lighting

You may say that this is not a priority, but you would be wrong. Replacing bulbs with economical versions and changing the lighting fixtures according to the new design you plan for your kitchen is an aspect that really makes a difference. You will improve the energy efficiency, and the new light will help you have a different perspective on your kitchen.

Modify the electrical installation, in order to put the wall sockets where you need them. In the kitchen we have the most electric appliances that must stay plugged in: refrigerator, electric oven, microwave, hob, stove and dish washing machine. We also need sockets near the countertop, to connect mixers, espresso machines, blenders etc.

Tiles for walls, floors and splash backs

When you buy the renovation materials, do not compromise. Try to determine the best quality / price ratio so that you and your family can enjoy the new kitchen for as long as possible. Start the budgeting process and look here first.

Watch out who you work with!

When choosing craftsmen to help you renovating the kitchen, make sure they are licensed, insured and reliable. Take time to evaluate several contractors and make an informed choice.