Where to Find Materials for Your Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you’re looking for granite countertops, wood for custom cabinets or a special type of coated metal that will never rust, you should always consider talking to your friendly local contractor about procuring the best materials on the market.

A lot of the time, a dependable contractor will be able to advise you on where to find materials or even get the materials for you. They have contacts with kitchen remodel Denver building materials providers or work closely with manufacturers of various products, and are able to provide you with valuable information on what’s available.

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Many contractors will also be able to advise you on what to choose as alternatives to materials that are not so readily available or that might be too expensive for your budget. This is a very important point to consider in this day and age, as COVID restrictions have led to material shortages in many parts of the country, and the high demand has also driven prices to go up for the materials that are still somewhat available.

You simply have to talk to a resourceful and experienced contractor if you want to get the best possible results with your kitchen remodel. Contact them today, and find out exactly what decisions you’ll have to make to avoid costly products and still get the best and most durable materials.

How Often Should You Clean Inside Kitchen Cupboards?

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The cleanliness of your kitchen cupboards and cabinets is essential for the safety of your kitchen. The storage units in your kitchen need to be clean inside and outside, so here are some tips from discount cabinets Denver specialists about accomplishing the harder task, ensuring the hygiene of your cabinet insides:

  • Understand the process – we strive to place only clean plates, cups, pots and pans into the cabinets in the kitchen, but even so, the interiors tend to become dirty quickly. The reason is simple: any cooking process creates steam, often oily steam that tends to deposit on the surfaces around the kitchen. Grime and dirt is easy to see on the exterior side of the cabinet doors, therefore impurities are easy to notice and to remove from there. However, oily steam reaches inside the cabinets as well – if that grime combines with dust, the result is goo inside your cabinets;
  • Empty the cabinets every two or three months and wipe the insides – take out all the plates, cups, pots and pans, then grab a sponge with a scrubbing surface, a piece of soft cloth, water and a mild detergent and wipe and scrub off all the grime from inside the cupboards. Check the items that will go back into the cabinets, too and wash them again if necessary before pitting them back into their place.

How to Make Your Kitchen More Romantic

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If you want a romantic kitchen, it is good to know that French accents are among those that convey elegance and romance, regardless of the room they decorate. They make you think of the Provencal style, a style whose name is inspired by the Provence region, located in the south of France.

The colors could be shades of lavender, turquoise combined with earthy shades and various textures. The furniture should have an elegant and classic design, with meticulous details that add feminine and precious accents. The predominant shade (which can be pale beige, for example) can be joined by dark lines and golden details found mainly in the design of the furniture handles.

The cottage style is also perfect for those who want to bring to their homes a touch of nostalgia for the past – this time, in the English way!

Although it may include modern appliances, your kitchen could fit into the cottage style by adding retro elements. Choose white painted wood cabinets with small glass windows. Match together white wood furniture and beautiful Denver granite countertops with warm, natural colors. Do not forget about a vintage chest, matching the colors of the room. The sink can also be white.

For some extra color, paint the walls in a shade of blue and add beautifully carved shelves on which to place crockery and vintage decorative objects, in pastel colors – pink, green, yellow, blue.

How to Create the Right Color Palette for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Creating a color palette for your kitchen involves a delicate process. Even though you might assume that the palette should basically contain colors you like, it’s not necessarily as simple as that. When you paint your kitchen and buy new kitchen furniture, you have to think about how others might perceive it as well, especially if you plan to sell your house later on.

A good color palette will contain colors that complement each other. For instance, if you choose pastels, it might not go over too well to mix them with high contrast colors and shades that will present a striking and obstructive appearance in relation to the pastel choices.

High contrast black, white and gray goes well together with shades of light red, yellow and orange, or you could mix them with lighter versions of cool colors such as teal, sea foam green or lavender – all of which can get pretty close to white.

Another good palette to choose includes wood accents and mixing orange, red and gold. This approach is especially good if you want a cozy, tranquil or classical design that invokes traditional furniture and countertops, while still blending in pretty well with the modern appliances that you have at hand.

See what Buy and Build showroom designers have to say about the best materials and colors for your kitchen remodel.

Where to Buy Discount Kitchen Cabinets

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If you need new kitchen cabinets but you are on a budget, you will be happy to know that there are ways to get discounted products.

  1. Community swaps and sales

There are many websites dedicated to community swaps and sales and you can always find people who give away or sell cheap their old cabinets. This way, you may have the chance to score great quality and durable products.

  1. Second hand furniture shops

The advantages are pretty much the same

  1. Cabinets displayed in show rooms or stores

These cabinets have been handled by visitors, so they will not be sold outright, but for a cheaper price. This option can be really great, because shops and showrooms typically display the best products, to attract customers. Unfortunately, these offers are not publicly listed, so you may have to build relationships with managers or store owners.

  1. Ready-to-assemble cabinets

Visiting building supplies Denver shops that sell RTA cabinets is another way to find cheaper offers. These cabinets are shipped flat, but all the necessary hardware will be included. Installation is not so complicated; the only downside is that it takes some time to put them together.

  1. Factory price products

Check with local online building supplies Denver distributors selling kitchen cabinets at factory direct pricing.


What Permits are Needed for a Kitchen Remodel

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If you are currently planning to start a major kitchen remodeling project, and have purchased building materials in Denver, before you start be prepared that some types of tasks can be performed only based on a permit obtained from the local authorities. Permit requirements may be different for each county, but here are some task types that will most probably need to be authorized first in any state:

  • Altering walls – if your project includes knocking down old walls or building new ones, you will probably need a permit for the job;
  • New doors or windows – the installation of new walls and windows as well as the changing of the size of the openings can be done only based on permits;
  • Electrical work – you will need an electrical permit to perform any altering, installing and repair work that involves the electric wiring and the outlets in the kitchen;
  • Work performed on the plumbing, the ventilation and the gas supply system in the kitchen – if you want to move your sink to a different location, to repair or to modify your air conditioning system or you want to change the place of your gas stove, be prepared that you will need to get the work done based on approved blueprints and you will need a permit.

Kitchen Cabinetry Trends that You Should Know About


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Kitchen cabinet designs have always been governed by trends – here are some tips about how to create a trendy kitchen:

  • Use dark colors – darker hues, such as graphite, navy, even black, are no longer considered to be sober. If you love solid colors, but you are concerned by the overall effects, use your fav dark hue on your cabinets and lighten up the atmosphere with some accents in vivid, contrasting hues and a neutral color on the walls;
  • Storage cabinets that run up to the ceiling – massive cabinets that cover the entire wall are great, trendy solutions to hide appliances and dishes, what’s more, they can double as a well-stocked pantry as well;
  • Open shelves replacing cabinets – while tall, solid cabinets are certainly trendy, so are airy, open shelves that showcase your most beautiful dishes, utensils and appliances;
  • The use of natural wood or of materials that replicate the appearance of natural wood – oak is especially trendy these days. Fortunately, there are lots of great, durable and attractive synthetic materials that offer similar great looks without the high costs of wooden cabinets;
  • Transitional styles – the combination of traditional designs with modern styling is a great way to create a unique kitchen.

Find what you are looking for at building supplies Denver kitchen design discount retailers.

Tips for Choosing A Kitchen Remodeling Design

Kitchen remodeling, like any home remodeling project, requires careful planning, the first step of which should be determining the design and the style of the space to be remodeled.

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If you are currently in that phase and you have already browsed images of great-looking kitchens online as well as printed design magazines, but you still feel overwhelmed, here are some tips to help you:

  • Determine your priorities – think about how and how much you use your kitchen. The types of dishes that you prepare, the amount of cooking that you do, the number of the people who use the kitchen, your preferences in terms of using utensils and appliances will all need to be taken into account;
  • Think about the layout as it is – your current kitchen layout surely has features that you can keep and use in your new layout as well. Look for quality Denver cabinets with unique features like slide out drawers or spice racks. Think about the location of the faucets and of the power outlets – keeping those components will make remodeling your kitchen easier;
  • Choose the right color scheme – contrasting colors work great in kitchens. Pick one or more neutral, toned-down hues for the walls and the floor and make the space livelier and more playful with accents in vivid colors.

How to Jazz Up Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

While sometimes an entire remodeling of a room or area of the house is necessary, there is the possibility of bringing new life into the room just by changing a few objects. Here, we can address how to accomplish this with a kitchen. The predominant feature of most kitchens is their cabinets. They occupy a lot of space that is needed for storage. Buying and changing them with new ones can get very expensive, and so, an alternative would be doing a few modifications to the current ones.

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Old cabinets a present a lot of deterioration on their surface and the door could have suffered a bit of damage due to their constant usage. By adding a new colored veneer on the surface or simply replacing the cabinet doors themselves can result in a drastic and fresh new look. One other popular method to change the kitchen ambiance is simply repainting the cabinet surface with brighter colors. After refreshing the surface, replacing the knobs and pulls with new ones is another simple way to give the cabinets a new and better look than before. You can look at reasonably priced building supplies Denver retailers for cabinetry pulls and knobs.

Other hardware that can deteriorate over time or the drawer slides due to friction and replacing them will give the cabinets a “new” feel and improve their functionality. Also, adding some sort of lubricant on areas where there is wood to wood contact is a good idea. If possible, adding some LED’s inside can give those old cabinets a modern aesthetic.

Lastly, many people like their kitchen cabinets, but over time, a lot of grime and grit has accumulated on the surfaces, making them look old and deteriorated. Giving them a good cleaning with some straight mineral spirits can help remove the buildup. After that, finishing the entire process with some wax or wood varnish can make them look as new as the time they were acquired.

Why Summer is a Great Time for Your Kitchen Renovation

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If your kitchen is outdated and you already think about a renovation project, there are several good reasons to do it during the summer.

First, the warm season is typically full of energy and this makes it a great time to make plans and do the shopping. The days are longer and the natural sunlight actually matters a lot, because it makes you less prone to make mistakes when you choose cabinetry and work on creating the best matches with types of Denver countertops. Besides, longer daylight keeps you and your workers more motivated.

Summer is the season when you can work with the windows wide open and which makes the clean-up process significantly easier. Also, you will not have to worry about rushing to finish the kitchen renovation project in time for any major holiday.

Summer is also the season of vacation, so… why not consider hiring a contractor and go on vacation, resting assured that the work will be completed in your absence and you will not have to experience the discomfort created by a renovation project.

Last but not least, summer is the perfect time to prepare your meals outdoors. Your kitchen is unusable during the renovation project? No worries… Have a barbecue!