Making A Statement with Your Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is the combination of the bathroom basin, the cabinetry that surrounds it, the countertop and the mirror and also the bathroom component that determines not only the functionality, but the appearance of the entire space.

unique stone countertop

If you want your vanity to provide you as much comfort as possible while also making a powerful style statement about you, here are a few tips for you:

  • Combine vintage style with modern features – a large, elaborate, vintage mirror combined with a sleek, modern basin or vintage cabinetry that uses handles to match the style of the tap are great ways to own the space;
  • A floating vanity – these units do not sit on the floor, but are attached to the wall, leaving space underneath. These special pieces not only make bathroom cleaning easier and faster, but they also open up the space and work especially well in modern, minimalist rooms;
  • Using contrast – with a dark-colored vanity paired with unique stone Denver countertops,  you cannot go wrong;
  • Using colors – a vanity that combines a neutral color with a bright hue is a great way to create a dynamic, youthful space, especially if you get toiletry bottles, towels and other accessories that match either the neutral color or the bright shade.