How To Match Your Cabinets With Your Kitchen

One of the essential steps in the process of decorating the kitchen is the choice and matching of the furniture with the finishes: tiles, mosaic, colored glass etc.

hands framing kitchen design

An aesthetically pleasing effect is obtained when all the elements blend harmoniously, as if they were created by the same designer or come from the same collection. Considering that in the kitchen the furniture and the finishes are the main decorative elements and thus the true stars of this space, you need to know how to choose and match them so that the result provides maximum visual satisfaction. Here are some basic rules that will help you make the best decisions in the kitchen design process.

Look at specialty building materials in Denver and choose the kitchen tiles according to the furniture color. The walls should emphasize the kitchen furniture. Keep in mind that as much as you would like a particular color, you should not use it for both the furniture and tiles/ walls because the effect will not be nice at all. Look for colors that match each other and the style of your kitchen, because each style of decoration requires the choice of a particular finishing pattern. While large, glossy, matte or metallic tiles are ideal for modern décor, when it comes to classical or Provencal, it is preferable to choose smaller (10 × 10 cm) or narrow tiles, subway-style, simple or with floral print.