Modern Granite Countertop Grains for Your Home

Granite owes its top position on the list of the most popular countertop materials not only to its durability and low maintenance needs, but also to its beauty and the wide range of grains available – white, beige, red, black, gray, brown and blue are all hues that can appear not only as background colors, but also in the grains, veins and speckles that make each slab of granite unique. Here are some tips about how to choose the best granite grain from affordable building supplies Denver showrooms for your home:

  • Avoid gold grains and sensitive colors in heavy-duty areas – the color and the grain that you choose for your kitchen counter must be able to withstand the spots and spills that are inevitable if the counter is used day in, day out. Darker colors and gray, with thin, lighter graining works best for the purpose;
  • Choose colors that work well with the color and style of the other furnishing items in the space – if you need a slab for your vanity countertop, choose one that features graining that matches your cabinets. If your slab will go into the kitchen, you can choose a darker slab with grains in the color of your kitchen cabinet doors.

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