Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinet

Organizing your bathroom cabinet is a challenging task. Here are some tricks and clever approaches that will help you bring in order things and make use of the limited space to the greatest extent possible.

 bathroom cabinet organization

  1. Discard useless stuff. Get rid of expired and empty items. Throw away bulky containers that take too much space. Select the products that do not fit your needs and are rarely used, and give them to a friend, who will benefit from them. Thus, you will keep the basic use items more accessible, and create more room.
  2. Benefit from space as much as possible. Instead of lining up the products containers, install a spinning turntable in your bathroom closet. It takes less space, and keeps any item accessible by simply rotating the table around. Also, install a magnet holder on the door for having in easy reach little items. You can stick there metal stuff such as: scissors, nail polish and tweezers.
  3. Categorize items. Put in containers the products and tools according to their purpose. They can be grouped in various categories such as: skin care, makeup, medicines, perfumes and shaving. After that, apply adhesive labels on each container, to tell faster a category from another.

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